Overhaul project

Providing lime kiln overhaul and related technical services is one of the main business sectors of Sinocalci. Sinocalci provides customers with reasonable and optimized overhaul service with a number of proprietary technologies.

[July 2020] overhaul project of 500tpd annular shaft kiln of Bensteel
[may 2020] 2# annular shaft kiln overhaul project of Jiangsu Lihuai iron and Steel Co., Ltd
[January 2020] Jilin 500tpd annular shaft kiln refractory maintenance project
[January 2020] Huashun 600tpd annular shaft kiln refractory overhaul project
[November 2019] refractory maintenance project of Mengwei 600tpd double C lime kiln
[April 2019] overhaul project of four 600 TPD lime kilns of Sinopec Great Wall