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the company's R & D team has a reasonable professional structure, involving mechanical, electrical, refractory, heat energy, process, civil engineering, pipeline and other professional fields; the R & D team has not only senior technical personnel recruited from outside, but also technological talents excavated and cultivated by enterprises. The combination of new and old personnel effectively displays the experience and expertise of senior technical personnel and the spirit of motivation of young employees, through professional complementary and interactive learning, the comprehensive R & D technology level of the whole R & D team is effectively improved.

Since the establishment of the company, "clean and efficient, circular economy" has been taken as the guiding direction of the company's energy-saving and purification technology innovation and the application direction of industrialization, focusing on the raw material input, fuel consumption and continuous investment in the calcination process, the company has gradually developed into "raw material input reduction, industrial tail gas recycling and calcination process efficiency" The core technology platform for energy saving and purification of calcination kilns.


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