company culture company culture
The sign is composed of a circle and a curve extending to the distance. The circle represents the earth, and the curve represents the road, implying that the company's business is all over the world. The curve divides the circle into two parts, representing heaven and earth, implying the source of all things. The accessory shape is the letter "s", and it is like a flying flame, which reflects the industry characteristics of the company and gives people a sense of movement. The top and bottom constitute the abstract Bagua pattern, which reflects the circular interaction and cooperation, and is like an eagle flying in the air, reflecting the company's development and bright future. The words "sinocalci" and "China calcination" indicate that the company is determined to make China's calcination technology in the world's leading level.
Company philosophy:

In the pursuit of mutual harmony with customers, employees and society to achieve success

Quality policy:

Provide advanced technology, continuously improve the quality, lead the industry standard and meet the needs of customers

Team building Team building