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  • 2020年6月

    In June 2020, in order to eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents and build a strong safety defense line, Sinocalci comprehensively carried out safety production activities.

    Sinocalci is celebrating its 18th birthday on the morning of June 28, a grand celebration was held in YuShiYuan park.

  • 2020年4月

    In April 2020, Sinocalci and Yangmei calcium carbide company formally signed the entrusted management contract, and Sinocalci entrusted the safety, production and operation of Yangmei calcium carbide company as a whole.

  • 2020年3月

    In March 2020, the EPC project of Hengyuan two 500tpd annular shaft kilns contracted by sinocalci officially resumed work!

  • 2020年2月

    In February 2020, we will fight the epidemic situation with one heart and one mind, and remote office will protect health

  • 2020年1月

    In january2020, the opening ceremony of "Jiangsu calcination engineering technology research center" and "Jiangsu enterprise technology center" was held in YuShiYuan park.

  • 2019年11月

    In November 2019, the daily output of calcium carbide in western region Sinocalci operation Department of exceeded 1225 tons

  • 2019年9月

    In September 2019, Sinocalci signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sinosteel refractory Co., Ltd

  • 2019年7月

    In July 2019, Sinocalci signed a 2 * 500tpd active lime annular shaft kiln EPC contract with Shanxi Hengyuan investment group electrochemical Co., Ltd

  • 2019年6月

    In June 2019, Sinocalci held an annual outdoor hiking activity with the theme of "building the future together, making tomorrow more wonderful"

  • 2019年5月

    In May 2019, Sinocalci organized the the first quarter work summary meeting of the trade department


  • 2019年4月

    In April 2019, Sinocalci signed the contract of 400tpd active lime rotary kiln with Inner Mongolia duomengde Metallurgical Chemical Group Co., Ltd


  • 2019年1月

    In January 2019, Sinocalci held the "2018 summary and commendation and 2019 new year welcome party"

  • 2019年4月


  • 2019年1月


  • 2018年6月

    In June 2018, Sinocalci held an annual celebration with the theme of " be of one heart , one mind and creating the future"

  • 2018年5月

    In May 2018, Fang Qiong, general manager of the company, and his party visited Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua Mining Co., Ltd

  • 2018年4月

    In April 2018, Sinocalci held the 12th National calcium carbide industry healthy development conference and the second member meeting of the fifth national calcium carbide industry association in Nanjing

  • 2018年1月

    In January 2018, the celebration ceremony for the commissioning of lime kiln project of Rizhao Branch of Jinan Baode furnace charge Co., Ltd. was successfully held

  • 2017年12月

    In December 2017, Shen Hao, chairman of the board of directors of the company, visited Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua Mining Co., Ltd

  • 2017年9月

    In September 2017, Jining carbon black tail gas heat recovery and utilization system project contracted by Sinocalci was officially put into operation

  • 2017年7月

    In July 2017, Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua 600tpd annular shaft kiln contracted by Sinocalci was ignited successfully;

    Sinocalci and China Light Industry Changsha Engineering Co., Ltd. signed the EPC contract for the annual output of 160000 tons of lime kiln project;

    Sinocalci has been supported by Jiangsu Province and Nanjing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology for three consecutive years

  • 2017年6月

    In June 2017, the company held a series of celebration activities to celebrate the 15th birthday of Sinocalci family

  • 2017年4月

     In April 2017, the company participated in the kazakhstan "khorgos - east gate" special economic zone investment cooperation promotion conference held in nanjing, and signed the "One Belt And One Road" strategic cooperation memorandum

  • 2017年3月

    In March 2017, the company participated in the Second Council of the fifth session of China calcium carbide industry association held in Zhejiang Province;

    Sinocalci successfully signed the contract for production and operation management project of calcium carbide plant of Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd


  • 2017年1月

    In January 2017, Sinocalci successfully completed the maintenance work of No.1-3 600tpd annular shaft kiln of wudajunzheng and 600tpd annular shaft kiln of Ulanqab Huashun chemical industry and put them into operation smoothly;

    Sinocalci signed a contract with Shandong Rizhao Baode furnace charge Technology Co., Ltd. for 510000 tons of fine lime

  • 2016年11月

    In November 2016, Sinocalci signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Siemens and Sinosteel refractory;

    Sinocalci and shandongbeijin Group Shandong Longsheng iron and Steel Co., Ltd. officially completed the contract of 500tpd annular shaft kiln project;

    Sinocalci and Donghua iron and Steel Group signed a 2 * 600tpd gas fired annular shaft kiln clean coal system renovation contract.

  • 2016年8月

    In August 2016, Sinocalci Xinjiang Branch went to Kazakhstan for investigation;

    Sinocalci and Tangshan Ruifeng iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. held a technical conference on the renovation of clean coal-fired system in Tangshan

  • 2016年6月

    In June 2016, Sinocalci signed a maintenance contract with Ningxia Yinglite Chemical Co., Ltd., providing a solid backing for the production of downstream products

    Shen Hao, chairman of the company, warmly received Mr. Arun Kumar Mohanty, general manager of VSP steel plant in India, and Mr. Anil Kumar tambe, the assistant of general manager

    The company held a series of celebration activities

  • 2016年5月

    In May 2016, Sinocalci hosted A special visit by Prasant Dash, general Manager of technology at NMDC Steel Plant, and Sidhartha Chakravarty, general manager of consulting firm MECON

  • 2016年1月

    In January 2016, Sinocalci and Tangshan Ruifeng iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd., a large domestic hot-rolled narrow strip steel production base, successfully signed a 2 * 600tpd gas fired annular shaft kiln coal system renovation contract

  • 2015年12月

    In December 2015, Sinocalci and Zhejiang Engineering Design Co., Ltd. successfully signed the procurement contract for comprehensive utilization system of low calorific value carbon black tail gas

  • 2015年11月

    In November 2015, Sinocalci successfully held the 7th calcination technology exchange meeting and the launching meeting of national standard for energy saving monitoring of lime kiln

  • 2015年8月

    In August 2015, the 500tpd annular shaft kiln contracted by sinocalci in Chongqing Hongqinda was successfully ignited on time

  • 2015年6月

    In June 2015, Sinocalci completed the kiln maintenance project of Inner Mongolia Junzheng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Guodian Yingli Co., Ltd


  • 2015年3月

    In March 2015, representatives of sinocalci Nanjing headquarters, branches, subsidiaries, offices and China CITIC Bank gathered in the auditorium of the company, and the 2015 annual meeting of Sinocalci was held successfully


  • 2015年1月

    In January 2015, the national standard of annular shaft kiln (GB / t30886-2014) drafted by Sinocalci has been officially implemented since January 1, 2015